About Me

Well here it goes!

I am the oldest of eight children. I have three sisters and four brothers. I do understand the word "family". My mom passed away in 2003, my dad has since then remarried and lives in GA with his beautiful wife. I have a wonderfully sweet husband whom I adore, I have four children, two boys of my own and my husband's son and daughter. My sons are David (28), Cory (19) and Cotee (18) and Taylor our daughter is (9). I have three grandchildren, Nathan (9), Savana (7) and Nicholas (6). I have a beautiful daughter-in-law, Kim whom I love for being the kind of wife she is to my son and the right mom for my grandchildren. And then there is the most important member, GOD. This is my immediate family. The blessings beyond these mentioned is so extensive. I have the most incredible extended family any one person could hope to have!

Now down to business! The business of capturing those most precious moments in our lives. I adore the art of Photography. I have always loved being the "picture taker" for birthday parties and family gatherings but really began to understand and to develop my passion for the art back in 1990. I started in the area of Nature. I have three photos in publication and have won a ribbon or two along the way. I discovered back about 2003 that I could make some really great side money taking photos of people's important moments! I have since then truly come to love giving to people their treasured memories in the form of "visual statements".

I have attended multiple trainings, seminars and workshops along the way. I have been tutored by professional photographers that have allowed me to learn priceless techniques and information from them. I am a lifelong learner and will always seek to continue my education, develop and nurture my skills and creative ideas and thoughts. I am currently enrolled as a student to receive my professional certificate in Photography.

I hope that knowing some of this about me will instill in you the desire to seek out my services as a photographer and will allow us to become acquainted in order to develop a relationship that will carry us through the years as I capture all of your precious moments with those that you love!